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Wednesday, April 09, 2014



Such a relief when spring finally shows itself.

What type of bird is that, Leslee? Not one I recognise from these parts (too big for a robin I think).


Such a relief when the first signs of spring appear.

Leslee, what kind of bird is that? Don't think I've seen one over here - it's a bit too big for a robin


That is a robin. They seem to grow them big around here! Maybe they put on extra feathers in the very cold winter. I was afraid all the sparrows had died in a week of subzero temps (~-17C), but they must have found some warmth under the eaves of houses because once those polar temps lifted they were out and about again.


Well now, out of curiosity I've just checked Wikipedia and apparently your photo is of the American Robin (more commonly known as a Robin), who resembles but is definitely not identical to its smaller and redder European cousin. Hence my confusion!

You learn a lot when you read blogs. :-)

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