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Monday, November 18, 2013



Congratulations, Leslee, on the ninth anniversary of this lovely place. I think you had another blog before this, so you've actually been blogging even longer - more than ten years, is it?


Marja-Leena: Thank you! Yes, a little over 10 years all together, nine years here. Thanks for being there through most of this with me!


Happy anniversary to you and your blog, Leslee. It's always a pleasure to catch up with you here and I wish you many more anniveraries.

Relatively Retiring

Congratulations and many happy returns. It's always a treat to see your lovely photographs.


That's funny. I've been trying to remember how long we've been at this. I always calculate my blogging years by your blog. I think we started roughly at the same time. It's also the time of year when I think about Leslie Harpold (may she rest in peace) and her Advent Calendars. I think you turned me on to those. I've been reading her archived work recently.

Your blog is wonderful and a staple for me. I look forward to new posts and new Flickr pics. Thank you for staying on.


Happy blogiversary! I remember your previous blog, so in my mind you've been blogging longer than nine years. But between you and me, your blog doesn't look a day over five. :-)

(I still owe you a proper celebration of your actual birthday, btw. I don't know when I'll be able to come up for air for that, but it sounds like you're similarly busy at the moment. Someday, someday.)


Happy Blogiversary, Lorianne! I'm very glad you've been here as a companion, writer, photographer, and friend!


MM: Thank you! So happy you're still keeping a foothold in the blog world.

RR: Thanks, glad you like the photos, and I really appreciate your stopping by regularly.

Roberta: Yes, you are my oldest blog buddy, the first blogger to link to my old blog and make me realize there was anyone else out there. Wow, Leslie Harpold - I so loved her Advent Calendars. Such a shame. I didn't know her archive was still up - must go check it out. Thanks for still being there and blogging yourself!

Lorianne: Yeah, 10 years. Wow. And you are the first blogger I met in person about 9 years ago at the Keene Pumpkin Festival, I guess not long before I started this blog at Typepad. Who knew all that would pass from that day to now! And hey, we'll roll both our birthdays and Christmas together sometime in the coming months...

Beth: I'm assuming you mean me not Lorianne. ;-) Thanks - and thanks for still being all those things yourself.

Dennis Hagler

Congratulations! Although I've only been following you for the past five years I've been impressed with everything you (and I) have done. We do, however, seem to repeat ourselves every year.


Dennis: Thank you. Well, Nature repeats herself shamelessly every year so why not? :-)

Sonia A. Mascaro

Happy Anniversary, Leslee, and Congratulations on the Nineth Anniversary of your beautiful blog! Great photo too!

The last September 29 marked my 8th blog anniversary and reviewing older posts, I saw you did a nice comment on my second post. And Lorianne did a nice comment too.
I'm very glad I meet you both!


Thanks, Sonia! Glad to see you still have your beautiful blog in São Paulo. I wish I were there on this freezing morning in Boston!

Sonia A. Mascaro

Thanks, Leslee!
It would be my pleasure!

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