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Saturday, June 29, 2013



Nice photo of the ladies ..... hoping it isn't as hot for you on the East coast as it seems to be in the West.

Congrats and wishing you all the best for the job. It sounds as if some order and structure will be more than welcome.


condolences to D and family. what you describe about the contract work sounds very frustrating and would infuriate me were i doing the work! i am glad you will have an income to depend on in the coming months. hope you guys have a good 4th!

Relatively Retiring

Good to hear of a 99 year old keeping up appearances to the very end. Condolences to D. and every good wish to you for the job.


MM: Thanks. It hasn't been nearly as hot as out West, but it's very humid here right now - feels tropical. Record rain for June. Ah well, no fires at least.

Sky: Yes, very frustrating. Hope you enjoy your 4th as well!

RR: Exactly. She was lucky also to have family looking after her to help keep those appearances up. Thanks for the good wishes!

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