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Wednesday, May 08, 2013



Love that trillium photo (and trilliums in general). I hope the literal pain in the neck eases up, soon!


Thanks, Lorianne. Hope you get through your deadline rush soon as well.


Self-employment certainly has its challenges of ups and downs in work - too much or not enough, and the income accordingly. I see that with several of our family members. I hope things will improve there, and of course with your neck!

Lovely photos, as always, Leslee.


Ach, I hope the pain goes. Horrible.

Part-time work sounds an intriguing option. If it works out it could be really good, as you say the best of both worlds. From my experience the crucial part is not letting oneself slide into doing extra hours regularly in order to finish up an assignment or whatever, so it becomes in effect a full time job!

Gorgeous tulips.


Marja-Leena: Thanks. And yes, it certainly has its challenges, and more and more of us self-employed it seems these days. (sigh)

MM: Thank you. Pain's a bit tough today due to rather fitful sleeping last night; hopefully better tonight. So important. As for the PT work, I don't know yet how it will work - if hourly pay then longer hours would at least pay off, but if it's salary, yes I'll have to watch that I'm not working FT for PT pay!


Thanks for sharing the real, and the tools at the same time! There is always sooo much more than what I can focus on, especially when I feel squished. I made the time in the middle of hell, or an early morning respite from it by reading at 6 am and then making it to the tree place before 7:30 this morning. It was really nice and I don't feel as overloaded as I've been. Focusing upon one little grain of dirt along my path is very very helpful, if a stone is still too big, however, it is nice to still be able to smell the trees and see the sky and the life of the gifts that still exist when I need to go to a very small focus.


Thanks, Elisa! Glad you enjoyed the post. :-)

Relatively Retiring

I'm sorry to hear of the pain and do hope you can bring it under control.
Lovely photos of a beautiful time of year.


Thanks, RR. I'm getting better with much babying and attention. It really has been beautiful here this spring.

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