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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Relatively Retiring

How lovely. I can smell them from here (and I'm on the allergy tablets too!).


I have had serious bouts with asthma this spring and have had to use an inhaler much more often than i like. Maybe as we age we become more sensitive to pollen? Lilacs are so beautiful, and the frangance is intoxicating. I had never seen lilacs until relocating to the PNW...too hot for lilacs in the south, and I visit New England in summer/fall. Leslee, I read your post recently about the food in Mexico which Tina prepared (comments were closed when I read) and decided I must be more brave. I have always been so afraid of bacterial issues associated with travel in Mexico and of which I have been warned that when visiting I only eat a few pieces of fresh fruit or food prepared inside the hotel, always Americanized. :( Wish I knew Tina! The photos were so enticing!


RR: Yes, too bad the beauty of spring brings with it the misery of allergies!

Sky: Hope your asthma is doing better. Not sure if we get more sensitive or not, but may be the case. As for food in Mexico, I've never gotten sick. Rinded fruit is generally safe. And cooked food in restaurants is safe. In San Miguel, they have so many Americans living there that you can have the ice in just about any restaurant. Tina used drops of I think iodine in the dishwashing water, plus we always had bottled water to drink. I was lucky to travel my first trip to Mexico with someone who went all the time - few basic rules, but much more food is safe than you think!

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