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Wednesday, April 17, 2013



I love that "ornamental" magnolia.

Relatively Retiring

I've been thinking of you and am glad to know that you and D. are safe......but the cruelty of what has happened is an infinite sadness. Seeing your photos makes it even more vivid.

(Not That) Joan

I'm glad you and yours are unharmed, and saddened that once again a minority of evil has succeeded in making such an impact.


Lorianne: Yes, like Christmas only... spring!

RR: Thanks, yes we're safe. And things will go back to normal for most of us. Unfortunately people are no longer completely surprised when these things happen. And the point is to go on undeterred by these psychopaths.

Joan: Thanks. Yes, a very tiny fraction, quite possibly just a couple of idiots like McVeigh and his buddies. We'll see.


Glad you're OK.


Leslee, thanks for this account of how you and D. spent the day. I love Boston and am so sorry for what happened - as we all know by now, it could be anywhere, and the fact that we aren't even terribly surprised anymore is one of the saddest effects of all. But I know that great city won't be changed by it, and that the beauty you always show us will continue being there.


Thanks, Lucy.

Beth: Thank you. Not sure if you saw any of the healing service today, but lots of good among the terrible. Obama made a very personal and uplifting speech. We will all come together.

Sonia A. Mascaro

I am so very sorry...What a tragedy...
Just I saw on tv I thought on you. I'm so glad that you and yours are safe.
My best regards.


Thank you, Sonia. It's such a senseless thing, tragic indeed.

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