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Wednesday, March 20, 2013



Leslee, the sight of those crocuses does me good, even though they got buried! We have so much snow here, it's really demoralizing, but today at least was brighter. Here's a link to a blog I like, and pictures of the sun in your future: http://judywise.blogspot.ca/2013/03/pilgrimage-in-paint-san-miguel-de.html


I've had to look up the definition of "dive bar". :-)

That cake and hot chocolate sound so wonderful. Sigh.


Beth: Thanks for the link - wonderful images of San Miguel! Exactly how I remember it, and look forward to seeing again.

MM: The Boston area version of the dive bar tends to refer to a run down place frequented by old alcoholic regulars, but is often overtaken by 20-somethings on weekends. The cake and hot chocolate were wonderful. :-)

Relatively Retiring

Cake and hot chocolate also needed here in Middle England as snow returns (to be followed by threats of flooding, no doubt). It's been an awfully long winter.
Blue and white is the perfect colouring for ceramics.

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