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Tuesday, January 29, 2013



Wintry mix - yes, ha, me too! As ever, your photos make me squirm with pleasure.


Jean: Ah, that is a compliment! Glad you enjoyed them. :-)


Yeah, January...and the final slog through February and early March. I'm with you, Leslee, in wanting it to go fast! Hope the SAD light helps, and that the checks come. Chocolate and bouquet money, maybe? We all need a lift right about now.


Beth: Don't remind me there's more to come! The SAD light just arrived - will plug it in tomorrow morning. The checks, when they come, will be needed to pay for the laptop I bought myself. Will try to squeeze in some chocolate, though. :-)

Relatively Retiring

I do hope the SAD light helps. We've had some sunny days here, and you can see how the spirits lift. People smile!
I feel for that unhappy lion!


Wish I could send your way some of the extra days of sun we had around here. Short of that, I am with Beth, suggesting chocolate and flowers, along with the SAD lamp.


RR: Thanks, I hope the SAD light helps, too. Sunny days are even better!

Maria: Thanks, I'll take it. ;-)

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