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Saturday, January 12, 2013



Oh, gorgeous photos, Leslee! It's so wonderful to see the sun in January - the same here, along with night frosts leaving shaded lawn areas looking as if they are covered in snow. Do enjoy the quieter times and your new computer before work gets too busy.


Great photos!

I remember attending a talk once with a scientist who recorded bird songs, and he had a parabolic mic (picture those clear umbrella-like things you see soundmen carrying on football sidelines) that basically funneled the "target" sound while screening out background noise. I thought it was an awesome bit of equipment, but I can't imagine actually carrying one around.

Winter is a doldrum-heavy season. I'm sure the winds will pick up soon.

Relatively Retiring

Such beautiful photos despite (or perhaps because of) the doldrums, and I can hear those ice chimes from here.


Thanks, Marja-Leena. We're generally lucky to get some sun around here in January most of the time. Persistent gray is very hard for me to take!

Lorianne: Thanks! Yeah, I used to produce corporate video and the sound guys always brought those mics and baffles to protect from the wind.

RR: Thank you. Still catching up on blog reading - looking forward to reading about your trip!


Beautiful photos, Leslee, and I hope the doldrums lift soon! Almost impossible to avoid, this time of year. Has the new computer arrived yet? A hug from here!


Beth: Thank you, and I hope so, too - though it was nice and sunny today, which helped. Unfortunately I missed FedEx delivery of the laptop by 1 hour and now doing the FedEx waiting dance (sigh). Hopefully we won't be ships passing in the night tomorrow...

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