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Sunday, November 25, 2012



I love sending "samples" to myself on my Kindle. I pretty much send myself a sample whenever I see a book that looks interesting, as a note to check it out later. It's basically a e-wish list, so whenever I find myself wondering what to read next, I have a whole slew of samples to skim through.

I'm not on Good Reads...yet. But given all the good things I hear about it, I suppose I'll join one of these days, if nothing else to keep track (for my own said) of what I've read.


That's funny — I was just reading an excerpt from Oliver Burkeman's book over at Salon. As you can imagine, I am predisposed to like anyone who celebrates the power of negative thinking.


Lorianne: Collecting a bunch of samples sounds like a great idea! It'd be fabulous if you got on Goodreads - then I could pilfer from your list. ;-)

Dave: The Salon excerpt looks like the first chapter of the book, which sucked me in. Thankfully the succeeding chapters, where he gets into the meat of some "negativist" philosophies or practices, have also been very good thus far.

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