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Thursday, October 18, 2012



Love all the pumpkins! Everyone really goes all out in your area. I still remember all the early posts and photos, years ago, on this theme and how they amazed me.


Haven't had a pumpkin ale I liked, so I clicked through to read the brewery's description and was fascinated by the part about B.S.A. (Brewery Supported Agriculture), using locally grown and malted grain. This is something I've really been wondering about lately. I'm glad to know it exists, and hope it's the beginning of a movement.


Maria: Yep, they do go all out here! Although I recall being in Denver one year visiting a friend and I though they were even more involved - big Mexican population celebrating Dia de los muertos.

Dave: I thought you might be interested in the pumpkin ale and how they make it. Glad you found the BSA site.

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