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Tuesday, May 29, 2012



Thanks! This was a good post to happen across on a brewday morning. (The hot and humid weather finally broke last night, so I decided to seize the day.) All those pubs and bottle shop[s are in eastern PA, but I imagine it'll appear in my neck of the woods pretty soon. I give them a lot of credit not only for adventuresome brewing, but marketing that seems targeted well outside the usual beer-drinking demographic (male Neanderthal).


It really does sound nice, and looks very delectable, but I'm afraid the name reminds me inescapably of the persistent rumour that the best country cider should always contain a dead rat, to start the fermentation I believe, and to add a certain je ne sais quoi...

The swans are very pretty though.


Dave: I guess when you're not trying to sell billions of gallons of the stuff you don't have to cater to Neanderthals. Anyway, sounds like you're happily brewing your own.

Lucy: Eeuuww. Speaking of catering to Neanderthals (see Dave's comment). My first reaction to hearing the name Field Mouse called forth eau de dead mouse rotting behind the walls somewhere I lived. But this beer smelled and tasted lovely. The swans are pretty, albeit rather nasty mannered creatures.

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