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Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Relatively Retiring

Perhaps that's a good message from the cemetery?Clients might just have to wait a little?


WAIT - what an odd message coming from the cemetery. And drought in spring, what an odd concept for us rainforest dwellers :-)

Sorry to hear you are still overworked, leslee - take care of yourself, please.


Please take good care of yourself and resist, resist this mad work culture. The successful freelancers I know are the ones who do and who hold hard to their own saner boundaries - no easy thing!


RR: Yes, they'll have to wait - or it'll be the death of me!

Marja-Leena: Thanks. And I believe "Wait" is the family name!

Jean: I am trying to set my boundaries, but you're right - no easy thing. Hopefully I'll get a handle on it as I move forward.

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