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Tuesday, May 15, 2012



Gorgeous blue skies and water and history - a nice place to walk indeed. Have a good trip and visit with your Dad, Leslee!

Relatively Retiring

A fascinating place, and it's good to read that things are settling for you - including the back.


Marja-Leena: It was a beautiful day, and yes, a nice place to walk. Thanks.

RR: Well, I'm hoping they're settling! We'll see. :-)


Great title! Very good to hear that your workflow is currently more moderate and allows you to travel and see your dad. Hope you have a fine time and all my continuing very best wishes in all your new ventures. Your resilience is inspirational to me as self-employed assignments promise/threaten to arrive simultaneously from several directions...


Thanks, Jean. I booked my flight to see my dad weeks ago, so just had to tell clients I'd be away. :-) Good luck to you with the promise/threat of assignments. Hopefully you'll be able to start slowly and feel your way into what works for you. I had the benefit of having done this before, which has made it somewhat easier.

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