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Thursday, October 27, 2011



Love the last photo with the ducks in line with the rowers, as if in the race too!

On my few visits to some US cities, I've noticed the dearth of walkers. I felt distinctly uncomfortable walking alone midday in some of them. Then again, there was one city in Alberta that was the same...


I've found that it can take a long while for new directions to become evident. And sometimes they don't and then life happens anyway (as someone said!) and circumstances change of their own accord. Good luck as you navigate all this!


i noticed the gorgeous evening views of jax when we drove through several years ago. how much larger and more modern the city appeared to be than when i was young and visited it often en route to jax beach! i love your photos of the city and the st john's river. glad you enjoyed the conference and felt stimulated by the energy. something good lies ahead.

Relatively Retiring

Beautiful city-scapes. I would love to live near water, but all the riverside towns near here flood dreadfully, and insurance costs a bomb or is impossible. Maybe I need to take mjore risks in life.
Glad you gained things from the conference.


Marja-Leena: I did feel uncomfortable walking with nobody around, even though it was broad daylight. Maybe more people walked around their downtown - despite the lovely riverwalk, it was apparently the financial district and people don't walk there during business hours.

mm: Thanks, I think you're right. I drifted aimlessly for a long time before I got this job, but I managed to pick up some experience along the way that made this job possible. I expect a similar thing is going on now. And I do enjoy my work now when given proper time to do it.

Sky: I heard that jax beach was nice! Where were you living?

RR: Thanks. I've been lucky to live very near and relatively near water very often. But you can always go visit water without living right on (or in!) it! I wouldn't want to have to worry about my property being flooded.

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