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Thursday, August 20, 2009



i imagine the parade was great fun! i remember hearing so many wonderful stories about P-Town when a friend worked there one summer many years ago.


Sky: I'm sure it was fun. But we'd had enough fun - and heat and sun - so we were ready to head home. There were lines of cars heading up into P-town when we left.


Power-outages in summer? Too much AC demand perhaps? Sounds like quite a popular area, a lovely seaside. Nice photos!


It sounds like you two had a great time!

When J and I went to P-town several summers ago, we stayed in the west end, too, and walked that road to & from town MANY times during the few days we were there. (We later calculated that we'd walked something like 20 miles, just from exploring the immediate area many times over.)

We're thinking of going back in December, when it's off-season and only the locals are around. It's such a different mood than the height of summertime!


Marja-Leena: Yes, too much AC demand. Unusually hot. Although our B&B owner shrugged when it happened, making us think that this must happen periodically there.

Lorianne: Yes, very nice time! And that is a nice walk. December would be lovely so long as no snowstorm comes through - the roads out there look rather scary to be on in bad weather! You'd be stuck for awhile, which might not be so bad in P-town itself, but not on any of the isolated back roads.


Oh Provincetown! So long ago when I was there! It was a very different place then, not touristy at all. I went to a summer painting school, my first experience of being an art student. It was wonderful, we painted a model on the beach in full sunlight. I took walks on the deserted dunes and stayed in a converted fisherman's cottage right on the seafront. Heaven.


Natalie: Sounds like a wonderful place to start out as an art student! Especially before the touristy stuff. There's still plenty of unspoiled beauty there - dunes, moors and some cottages by the sea.

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