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Thursday, March 12, 2009



omg, now i am starving! i am going to have to save this post for our own trip there - whenever that might be.

how exciting that these fabulous places are still around 10 years later. so often we learn that even the really good restaurants have turned over to new hands or have disappeared.

Relatively Retiring

Thanks for a rich and nourishing travel experience!
Chocolate and apricot sounds a great combination for a cake, so I'm off to the kitchen now.


Sky: Hope you get there! I think Santa Fe has only added to its restaurants. I hope they don't suffer too badly in this economy. They rely a lot on tourism.

RR: Glad you enjoyed. Did you bake anything??

Beth W.

I've only been to Santa Fe twice, but enjoyed it so much, and your photos and descriptions made me want to return. I was there in May both times. What a great town for walking and outdoor dining! There were roses and other colorful flowers everywhere, musicians playing wooden flutes and guitars -- what a dreamy place. Your descriptions were just terrific. Thanks. (Sure would like some of that medicinal chocolate torte right about now.)


You probably get really tired of hearing this, but how does such a dedicated foodie stay so slim?!

Thanks for sharing Santa Fe, it looks great.

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