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Wednesday, March 11, 2009



Love that last sentence, a perfect holiday then!


7,000 miles above sea level would put you in outer space, I think.

I once went to Utah on Christmas vacation. It was just the right temperature in the canyonlands then, I thought, and hardly any other tourists. The weather was fairly clement, though.


we have never been to new mexico, and i can hardly wait to see it. hoping you will post more about your visit and more photos. it sounds like a wonderful retreat from your routine. i am glad you had the time away to replenish your inner self. we all need that.


Marja-Leena: Yes, a good break.

Dave: Oh duh. Thanks - I fixed the distance! I haven't been to Utah or Arizona (of the 4-corner states). There's an amazing amount of open space in New Mexico - not only sparsely populated but the landscape opens up to the sky so much more than back east.

Sky: Thanks - and I'll be posting more. You can also check out my Flickr set.


I love, love, love the Santa Fe photos. I looked at the others on your Flickr site. Thank you so much for sharing. I am incredibly homesick for Santa Fe. It seems that whenever I call my mom these days she is making or has just made a fire, it's cold she says. Michael misses hiking the Windsor Trail in Tesuque. Did you have some good meals?


Beautiful photos, Leslee. And yes, did you have fantastic food?

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