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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Relatively Retiring

What a disappointing end to your break. Stay positive. As you say, most things turn up even if it takes time. I'll keep all possible crossed for you!


I used to love flying because because of the very kind of stuff you describe in your second paragraph. But the situation i keep hearing about these days, with "security" hassles, lost luggage, lack of free food, nickle-and-diming on everything, and a growing lack of dependable flights make me think my brother has the right idea to just drive 20 hours straight from here to Mississippi with the satellite radio cranked. As for me, I think I'll be riding Amtrak from now on. Hope you get your luggage soon!


Oooh, sorry to hear about the luggage snafu & hope you get everything back soon! Like Dave's brother, I sometimes think it's easier to DRIVE to and from Ohio than hassle with all the uncertainty of flying. I've never yet lost my *own* luggage.

You have to wonder where your bags went without you: what kind of places have *they* been? If only bags could talk!

Lady P

Meeep! So glad to read the update. What a relief.


Hi Leslee - Welcome home and happy new year. And happy return of luggage. What beautiful writing! As someone who was away from your blog for a number of years I have to tell you - you always were a quite good writer, now that has grown magnificently.


Thanks, RR. Maybe your crossed all possible helped! (Now due to arrive within the hour, so they say.)

Dave: Security hasn't been that much of a hassle overall, and with a 90-minute flight I'm not too worried about snacks. But yes, the delays and so forth can be a drag.

Lorianne: Apparently this bag has had an even more boring time of it than I have, as it was delayed in Detroit and put on a later flight, then sat around the airport in Manchester until pickup sometime tonight. Someone suggested to me that the electronics in my suitcase could have resulted in the delay, which is a new one on me. I haven't investigated that with the airline policies as yet.

Lady P: Thanks, and yes, a major relief. Or it will be when I've gotten it here and inspected the contents. Presumably everything will be intact.

Jillaurie: Thank you! And happy new year to you, too. Blog writing is a good exercise in many ways - hope you find yours as rewarding.


Glad they found it. Have a Happy New Year.


Happy New Year Leslee!
And happy reunion with your belongings
I remember a snowstorm that closed Logan airport and had us circling over the gulf of Maine until we finally had to land at Bangor to re-fuel. It was quite frightening being up in those white clouds and, effectively in limbo for hours, like the end of the world. My neighbour in the next seat was so alarmed he offered to marry me if we survived...


Thanks, Keith, and Happy New Year to you, too.

Julie: Ha! I guess (a) you survived and (b) you didn't take him up on it. Happy New Year! Hope this year brings you much more enticing offers. ;-)


Hooray, for all you thought lost is now found, just hope they haven't broken any of it!

Happy New Year!


Thanks, Lucy. It seems to be all in one piece. Whether the stuff will work when plugged in is another matter.

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