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Sunday, November 23, 2008



I get that wistful, regretful feeling when I see young people growing up well. I think it's OK, better than jealousy.

and that night-time, dream-time old bones feeling, I get that too...

Nice post.

(And belated happy blogday, I missed my own too.)


Must be something about Northeastern, since it seems my son, too, has picked up enthusiasm for his studies there.... I wonder if your friend's daughter and my son have crossed paths so far.


It doesn't seem fair to have golfer's elbow without the golf or the golfer ; -).

Your friend from the balmy mid-Atlantic.


The season of books and hot possets and working with wool in cozy rooms is upon us. Not the season of golf. Definitely.

Perhaps you can use some of that FSA money for a little trip to a wellness center for elbow therapy, e.g., massage and a sauna? Some accounts will cover such things. I hope yours does. :)


Thanks, Lucy. And belated bloday to you, too!

Maria: I think for some kids it must be just the right thing. My friend was also saying how beautiful the campus is, which you don't see much of from Huntington Avenue. Not sure about paths crossing, but I do recall she was taking a course in jazz and an abnormal psych class. Next semester, sounded like lots of science courses.

Joanna: Yah, not fair. One either count - the golf/golfer and the lack of balmy climate. ;-)

Sara: It's never the season of golf for me, but definitely not now for anyone. I can get acupuncture on my FSA, courtesy of a note from my PCP's office. My acupuncturist belatedly called me back tonight, apologetic for ignoring my calls and emails for the last couple of weeks (sigh). Will see her on Tuesday, so I'm hopeful.


can relate to the feeling of wasted time. Sorry about the golfers elbow sans golf. Have you checked into an HSA. That way you don't lose any remaining balance at year end.


What have you been doing with your elbow (besides golfing?) that might be causing the problem? Do you think it's a repetitive stress/bad computer ergonomics thing? Whatever the cause, it sounds painful!

J and I have been trying to walk as much as we normally do, despite the cold, but it takes some motivation. It doesn't help that the cold air exacerbates my asthma, but at least I have drugs (i.e. an inhaler) for that.


Keith: My company offers an FSA plan, so that's what I have. Not sure about HSA, but will keep my eyes open.

Lorianne: I'm thinking I must have done something in yoga and then kept aggravating it - which any number of things do, like, oh, sleeping on it, drying my hair, turning pages I'm reading at work... Somebody recommended a brace to me, which I picked up Friday night at CVS, and someone today suggested I wear it to bed to prevent inadvertently wrenching it in my sleep. I'll have to also alert my yoga instructor so he can add it to my many other constraints...


Ouch. Here's hoping the brace helps. In the meantime, ouch.

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