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Wednesday, October 08, 2008



How beautiful. I would never tire of that view .....


Beautiful, relaxing view. You must have had a wonderful time.


How wonderful to have that view!
Getting up each day must be a wonderful experience


I know, it was a beautiful view -- not just up towards Mt. Tam but also on the deck garden. They have a birdbath and feeder that attracts lots of birds, besides the ones that like to hang out in the surrounding trees and shrubs.


Oh how I'm jonesing for SF and the Bay Area right now. The first significant amount of time that I spent there was Oct-Nov 2002, so this time of year brings a whiff of San Francisco nostalgia to me. Not to mention that it's been 3+ months since I've seen my daughter, which is at least 3 months too long!

Thanks for this--that's a great photo of Mt Tam....


Hi Tim. Yeah, I thought of you when I was out there, wondering where your daughter lives. Hope you get to go out again soon. Here are more photos to get your jones on!


What a lovely photo from my deck that you took, Leslee! You captured so well the light through which I see -- and to "mm" who says he/she would never get tired of it, well I don't -- and this is keeping me a prisoner of sorts here, like the birds I have been feeding -- so, Lelsee, do not envy the birds too much! :)

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