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Friday, October 03, 2008



Hi Leslee. Nice photos. I've never been to Harry's Bar and I'll have to give it a try sometime. The menu looked great. The wall painting is beautiful. Very bold, although given my sleep and insomnia issues I'm not sure I could have fallen asleep. :-) I don't get to The City very often, not as often as I'd like anyway, but your photos are making me want to visit.


What a wacky time you've been having!

Congratualtions on how you got there...

Bob Eggleton

I LOVE the hotel! Wow! Have to note this place and stay there when I go there!


Hi Kat. It's such a beautiful city, with so much to do. I just wish I'd had more time.

Lucy: Has it been wacky? I guess a bit! There's this saying about California being like a bowl of granola - all fruits, flakes and nuts. ;-)

Bob: Yeah, I thought you'd like this place. You guys should definitely stay there!


If ever I make it to SF, I know where I will be staying .....

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