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Monday, March 05, 2007



Fantastico, gracias. If I had a voice like that I just might have to learn Portuguese, eh? I love the eye contact between the two.


I believe the word is "obrigada" in portuguese (although there was a difference of opinion between the Azorean and the Brasilian woman who first taught me the word "thank you" as to whether it's obrigado or obrigada based on the sex of the person speaking versus the person being spoken to...). But yes, don't they both have such deep, rich voices? And yes, great eye contact. :-)


A little Spanish is as close as I get, unfortunately. My husband, who is fluent in the Spanish he used as common ground with a Brasilian friend, said it was disconcerting when she would inadvertently slip back into Portuguese during a conversation. The effect was as if the linguistic landscape shifted subtley and imperceptibly, becoming confusing and unrecognizable, yet familiar enough that he thought he *ought* to recognize it.


Heh. Good way to put it. Yes, close, but so far away. I listened to a brief conversation between the Azorean and the Brasilian and understood it based on my ear for Spanish, but it was simple - where are you from, how long have you been in the US. But I do think Portuguese is harder to pronounce and to understand than Spanish.


Interesting. I put the song through a translater and it seems the song is about how I don't know how to stop looking at you (Eu não sei parar de te olhar). Well, that may explain the good eye contact!


It's a version of Damien Rice's song, "The Blower's Daughter" which has the line "Can't take my eyes off of you" sung over & over....


Oh, interesting! I like the portuguese version better, though! For one thing they seem to have varied the refrain more. And there's also those voices - Seu Jorge and Ana Carolina. It's unclear who wrote the portuguese version, or this particular one. There seem to be others who have done it as well.

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